Hakuna is a NYC-based technology company that is creating a platform to help home care agencies provide more efficient and better care.

We work closely with our partner, Finest Home Care Corp ("Finest" or "Finest Home Care"), to build our always improving technology platform. Finest Home Care uses our technology platform to help provide care in the NYC area, using caregivers who are carefully selected to help seniors with the activities of their everyday life.




If you are interested in learning more about the home care services, here are some frequently asked questions about getting home care from Finest Home Care, which is proudly powered by the Hakuna technology platform.

+ What is the service area?

Finest Home Care currently operates in all five NYC boroughs and Westchester County.

+ How do I find out if Finest Home Care is right for my loved one?

Call anytime at (929) 500-1280 for a quick chat about care needs and other preferences.

+ Can I choose my caregiver?

Of course! Caregivers are not the same as other helpers - it's important to get along. Your first call is to better understand how to match a great companion for you. Before the first visit, you receive information about your new caregiver. In fact, any day, any time, you can request a new caregiver and they work to find a better match ASAP!

+ What happens on the first day?

For every new client, a nurse (an RN) will accompany the caregiver on the first day. You will be introduced to your caregiver before their first visit. The nurse will make sure that the caregiver is equipped to meet all of your needs, make sure you are comfortable with everything, and come up with a care plan for the caregiver to follow.

+ How much does it cost?

Finest Home Care charges $22 per hour of care. There are no sign-up fees or additional taxes. Initial consultations and periodic nurse assessments are all included. The no-surprises fee policy is there to make sure you can plan ahead with confidence. Finest also accepts select Medicaid and Long Term Care insurance policies.

+ Is there are minimum number of hours per week or per day?

No minimum hours per week. Just the hours you need, when you need it. Finest does have a minimum visit time of two hours on any one day.

+ Are there any services in addition to home care?

Finest can provide nurse visits for skilled care such as medication administration, injections, and wound care for an additional cost.

+ When can I call?

Anytime. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You need 100% dependability when it comes to caring for a loved one.

+ What should I do if I need to cancel a care visit?

If you let Finest know more than 24 hours in advance there is no charge at all. Just call or send an email (earlier the better). If it’s less than 24 hours, it is Finest's policy to charge you for the care visit so the caregiver can be paid - it’s important that caregivers have predictability too.

+ Can I try it out just for a short while?

Yes! You are not locked into any long term contracts. In fact, there is no minimum length of service and no setup fee either.

+ Coordination with other professionals (eg. doctor, social worker, etc)?

Yes, Finest coordinators frequently work with medical professionals and other members of a care team. The team makes sure that updates get to those who need to be in the loop. For more information, visit our Professional Partners page.

+ How does home care compare to other senior care options?

Home care is usually the most cost-effective option. Home care is often the extra bit of help a senior adult needs in order to remain independent and active. Through maintaining independence at home, you are able enjoy a higher quality of life and experience less financial burden.

+ Can I pay using my insurance or Medicare/Medicaid?

Most medical health insurance policies and Medicare do not cover long term care. Finest accepts Long Term Care insurance policies as well as many Medicaid Managed Long Term Care plans, and we’re working to bring more on board. Please call Finest for more information around Medicaid.

+ Who are our caregivers?

Finest works with certified home health aides (HHAs) who have completed the HHA training course. Finest's team of caregivers are young and old and of various cultural backgrounds and interests, but they all compassionate and reliable.

+ Are there background checks for caregivers?

Yes. Finest matches every industry best practice. Caregivers are W-2 employees, they are insured, bonded against theft, have passed criminal background checks and mandatory physical exams.