Neighborhood focus: Sheepshead Bay

After the interest we received about our last post about living well in the city, we decided to begin a series of neighborhood focus pieces.

First up is Sheepshead Bay in South Brooklyn, brought to you by Hakuna’s Joe Toyoshima!

Foot bridge crossing the bay

My grandparents have lived here for over 40 years, an area rich with history and culture. Named after a type of fish that is sometimes found in the bay, the residents of Sheepshead Bay neighborhood enjoy a leisurely relationship with the body of water that gives the neighborhood its name - seafood, recreational fishing and walks by the water’s edge.

Sheepshead Bay is a diverse neighborhood with strong Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern influences. These communities have thrived and created their own Brooklyn identity, alongside the cultures they have brought with them.

Despite its location right by the water Sheepshead Bay did not receive much attention until around 1870 when the area began to be developed after road and railroad expansions. Today the neighborhood is accessible by the B and Q subway lines.

Between 1884 to 1910 Sheepshead Bay was well known for horse racing with a two-mile racetrack.

Access to the water

For seniors living in Sheepshead bay, the neighborhood’s access to open spaces and the waterside provides an invigorating escape. 

Walking along Emmons Avenue by the bay, often flocked by seagulls, you can make your way across the water using the Sheepshead Foot Bridge (pictured above). Grab a a rod and tackle and you may wish to join the fisherman who line the water’s edge!

fisherman sheepshead bay.jpg

Want to take the fishing up one notch? Consider joining one of the chartered fishing tours departing from the bay, such as fishing with the crew from the Sea Queen. The Sea Queen VII hosts half-day trips from $45 (discounts for seniors!). Make sure you book ahead of time.


Want to skip the manual work but still want to taste some great seafood? There are a range of great restaurants all the way along the bay front / Emmons Avenue. Try Mediterranean style fish at upscale Liman Restaurant or head to Randazzo’s Clam Bar to get your fill of some New England classics! There's a Chinese seafood buffet at Seaport Buffet.

Our pick has to be Clemente's (pictured below). For just $32.95 you can get all-you-can-eat crab from Clemente’s Maryland Crab. Clemente's is at 3939 Emmons Ave.



Sheepshead Bay is blessed to have a number of small parks and playgrounds scattered around the area.

Head east and you can enjoy the various activities at Brooklyn’s largest park, Marine Park. At Marine Park, seniors can also enjoy free yoga and tennis sessions.

The City Park Foundation (a non-profit organization) runs programs in parks across all five boroughs. The link below shows some of the activities they had going on until the end of October, including in Marine Park. We look forward to seeing what they have going in the Spring!

Any other tips about living well in Sheepshead Bay? Drop us a note on, or add it in the comments section below!