New Year's Resolution: Back to School at NYC’s Colleges and Universities

There's no better way to enter a new year than to set out to learn something new.  As a senior in NYC, you have access to an abundance of educational opportunities.

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A College on Every Corner

With over 100 higher education institutions in the area, the diversity of educational resources offers a unique opportunity to continue learning and participate in the vibrant communities of NYC’s colleges and universities.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to know more 18th century Russian literature – no matter the subject, there’s definitely a course, activity, or lecture that will pique your interest. NYC’s colleges and universities provide something for everyone, whether you’re learning for fun, developing life skills, or just participating in events at one of NYC’s many school campuses. 

Most CUNY schools allow NY seniors to attend undergraduate courses, tuition-free!

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Quantum Physics – Just a Click Away

In addition to the numerous courses available at your local campus, some of the best college-level education resources are freely available online. As long as you have internet access, you can take a course from a MIT professor from the comfort of your home.

Find a Course Today

Whatever your curiosity, there are an enormous number of opportunities for seniors to access some of the best education NYC has to offer! The Age-friendly NYC College Link lists hundreds of programs ranging from seminars in science and technology, to practical classes in accounting or money management, to ESL and GED courses, and much more.

We also can’t forget to mention some of the other resources available to seniors – senior centers and your local library offer a multitude of classes and activities everyday.

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