Accessing Long-Term Care Through Insurance: 3 Things to Know

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

3 useful Medicare and Medicaid tips from a recent presentation by the New York Legal Assistance Group hosted at the Alzheimer's Association:

1. Medicare alone does not cover long-term care. Long-term care at home or in a facility is covered by Medicaid through plans with a Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) benefit package.

2. If service hours are reduced, the plan must provide written notice with the reason for the change.  The patient has a right to appeal the action and the right to request Aid Continuing, which allows continuation of services until a decision is reached.

3. Help is available. In New York City, there are services dedicated to helping with enrollment and advocacy.

For general guidance and concerns: ICAN Ombuds program 1-844-614-8800
For information about MLTC: New York Medicaid Choice 1-888-401-6582
For specific case questions: New York Legal Assistance Group 212-613-7310