AARP Survey: Majority of Seniors Plan to Age in Place

The AARP surveyed over 2,000 Americans aged 60+ to learn about outlooks on aging. Highlights from the 2012 results indicate that while seniors are optimistic about aging, extra support from communities can make healthy living a day-to-day reality.

Attitudes About Aging

  • The majority of respondents are optimistic about their current life stage and getting older

  • Almost 90% of seniors plan to age-in-place, or continue to live in their current homes for the next decade

  • The 60%+ of respondents who were employed reported that their work felt productive and enjoyable

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia



  • Community services meet everyday needs for the majority of seniors

  • Most individuals over the age of 70 do not find it very easy to live independently


  • Almost two in ten Americans aged 70 and older need assistance to accomplish daily tasks

  • Seniors 70 and older are most often being treated for health complications including high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis

  • Medicaid and other health services provide long-term care services for 20% of seniors


  • Many seniors are uncertain about their long-term financial future

  • Over 20% of respondents do not have a realistic financial plan for their future

Read more details from the study on AARP’s website.